3. Hereturikōkā

We hope you are still enjoying using your daily teaching planner.

Here are some tips for using your planner during Hereturikōkā.

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10 tips and links for using your planner in Hereturikōkā!

1. Pronouncing the phrases

Sharon’s made this short audio to help with the pronunciation of this month’s phrases:

2. Pronouncing the sentences

Sharon’s made this short audio to help with the pronunciation of this month’s key sentences:

3. Pronouncing the whakataukī

Sharon’s made this short audio to help with the pronunciation of this month’s whakataukī:

4. International Tiger Day 29 July

We’re sure that children will love to celebrate tigers for a day, with costumes, artwork and books about tigers! Tiger in te reo is “taika”. Remember to include the reason for the day, which is shining a light on tiger conservation and preserving tiger habitats. Find out more here.

5. International Day of Friendship 30 July

Celebrating friendship with children is important. The day is celebrate on a Saturday, but you can celebrate friendship the following week, with activities that encourage new friendships and support current friendships. Find resource ideas here.

6. World Ranger Day 31 July

This is a good opportunity to help children understand that our beautiful national parks need help from DoC rangers to make sure they are protected. Is there a park or other natural area nearby that children can help to protect by becoming kaitiakai (guardians)? Find out more here.

7. Cook Islands Language Week starts 1 August

Find ways to celebrate Cook Island Language Week with children here.

8. International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 9 August

This could be a great day to celebrate the array of languages that are used and understood by the children you teach, and the teachers you work with. Discover more about the day here.

9. Winners of the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults announced 10 August

Have you checked out the picture book finalists for this year’s children’s book awards? This is a great time to buy the finalist books, or to check them out from your local library. Children could vote for their favourites and see how they do at the awards ceremony. Check out the finalists here.

10. Daffodil Day 26 August

Celebrate this special day with lots of daffodils, plenty of yellow and perhaps some fundraising for the Daffodil Day campaign, which supports New Zealanders impacted by cancer. Find out more, including how to say “support Daffodil Day” in te reo, here.