Kōrero Mai (Speak to Me)

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Children all through English medium schools in New Zealand are encouraged to learn their own mihi and pepeha – a way of introducing themselves in a traditional Māori way. This book helps to give one example of a template for how that can be done. Three children demonstrate their names, their mountains, their rivers, their parents’ names and where they are from. There is also a second sound track so children can learn to fill in the gaps with their own replies.

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  • Repetitive sentence structure: “Ko wai tō …..?” (What is your….?)
  • Vocabulary for mihi and pepeha greetings
  • Singalong CD which turns the book into a catchy song
  • English translation
  • List of activity ideas to make this much more than a fun book to do on the mat!
  • Picture glossary
  • Guitar chords

What others say about Kōrero Mai:

“This is a heaven-sent resource for the kindy and classroom. I recommend schools buy one for each classroom and or get class sets. (I don’t say that lightly because I know schools have tight budgets.) Many teachers want to teach and speak more Maori in the classroom but don’t feel confident pronouncing te reo Maori correctly – this will help them do it in a fun way.” Maria Gill, KidsBooksNZ

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