Te Reo Pronunciation Workshops

Sharon’s te reo pronunciation workshops really work. People say they have done many te reo workshops over the years and something finally clicked after doing Sharon’s workshop.

Workshops available:

Each workshop can be held individually, together or as a series. For more information about how you can have workshops on pronunciation, sentence structure games and how to use Te Reo Singalong books as a Māori teaching and learning programme at your centre or school, email sharonholtnz@outlook.com with details of location, number of people and whether you prefer to attend a workshop in the evening or weekend. We will get back to you with a price and range of possible dates.

Te Reo Pronunciation skills

The main reason why people get stuck on only using te reo for colours, numbers, greetings and commands is because they lack confidence in their pronunciation. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix! In this workshop you will learn some easy steps to confidently pronounce any word in te reo! You will also learn some simple new phrases to add to your kete.

Te Reo Sentence Structure games

Repetition is the key to learning sentence structures in te reo. In this workshop you will play games in small groups that you can use with children to practise easy te reo sentences.

How to use Te Reo Singalong books to expand your te reo programme

Each workshop demonstrates how to make the most of Te Reo Singalong books. Find out how to pick out phrases and sentence structures in each book, how to add actions to the songs and how to use the books in context during play and learning.