Ngā Waka Aituā
(Emergency Vehicles)

$24.99 incl GST

This book teaches the Māori words for emergency vehicles — and includes some sirens! The illustrations reflect how those emergency vehicles look in a New Zealand setting, and give plenty of opportunities for children to make predictions about what might happen next. The book will help you to learn how to talk about emergency vehicles and sirens in te reo. It will also give you the opportunity to talk about what to do in an emergency.

Listen to an excerpt from the song

Take a look inside

· Repetitive sentence structure: “He aha tērā tangi?” (What’s that noise?)
· Vocabulary for emergency vehicles
· Singalong CD which turns the book into a catchy song
· English translation
· List of activity ideas to make this much more than a fun book to do on the mat!
· Picture glossary
· Guitar chords

I love to play the CDs, turn the pages and sing along. The colourful caterpillars and butterflies are cool, but the fire engine is the best!
SJ Bulloch - great supporter

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