Ngā Atua Māori

(The Māori Gods)

(English Translation Included)
Learn the connections between the Māori gods, the environment and children as kaitiaki.

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Te Haerenga

(The Journey)

(English Translation Included)
Join a kiwi on her journey around New Zealand pronouncing place names and collecting souvenirs.

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He Huarākau

(English Translation Included)
What fruit do you really like?
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Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary

(English Translation Included)
This is a wonderful compilation of te reo words and sentences from our previous books, to help you increase your fluency and confidence.

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Ngā Waka Aituā

(Emergency vehicles)

(English Translation Included)
What’s that noise? It’s a siren! Children are fascinated by sirens and emergency vehicles. This book will help you bring in a Māori language focus.

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Te Reo Singalong in NZSL

Check out the videos of four of our books in NZSL.  Funding from the NZ Sign Language Board, and partnership with Kelston Deaf Education Centre, made this project possible.

For information about the signs used in the videos, go here.



Touring New Zealand with Te Reo Singalong

We often take our Te Reo Singalong show on the road, performing shows from Northland to Southland and lots of places in between.

What others say…


Thanks for making my lessons fun and easy to plan for! I teach through your books and love your kaupapa.

– Andrea Gordine, Mata Ako


Thank you so much for your amazing books. When the children choose books for me to put on the cd player, they choose your books the most. Many of the mums are surprised their children have learned so much te reo, which comes primarily from your books. I love reading them and building on the stories. Thank you for making te reo so accessible!

– Louise Allen, home-based educator


We have just purchased 4 of these amazing books and are slowly adding to our collection each month. Our tamariki love putting on the CDs themselves then getting themselves and their friends set up on the chairs waiting for the CD to start. They work together collectively to turn the page and listen. We absolutely love the CD and books here.

– Harakeke Early Learning Centre


As an early childhood teacher and mum, I absolutely love Sharon’s Te Reo Singalong books. The repetitive story lines make learning easy and fun for both tamariki and staff. The additional ideas for using the sentence structures (and links to curriculum documents in the newer books) are fantastic. I love them all!!

– Cindy Hawkins, early childhood teacher


Te Reo Singalong Books are a delightful series of educational books. They are beautiful books with supporting follow up ideas and singalong CD. These are sure favourites to be read again and again, providing an everyday fun way to learn te reo Maori.

– Viv Tumaru


I just wanted to tell you I love your books! Our tamariki really love them too. Please keep bringing more out!

– Zara Pearcy, Montessori teacher


Te Reo Singalong books are a fantastic resources for a basic te reo Māori learner and advocate. I am very passionate about revitalising the language and these books create ways to use reo in the everyday activities and conversations we do as teachers and as families in New Zealand.

– Halena Huriwai, teacher


Thank you for your fabulous books. Our early childhood centre has all of them and the children just love them. As a student teacher I have found them a great way to introduce and practice my basic knowledge of te reo Māori into my teaching practice! I love that they are so easy to translate and explain to the children with beautiful art, catchy tunes and important concepts such as Matariki and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Keep up the great work!

– Lisa Davey, teacher in training


Your books are truly loved here and used in planning te reo as part of our everyday curriculum. We also love the way they are related to everything we practise in early childhood – animals, insects, dressing up, weather. They are awesome!

– Jennie Leah, early childhood teacher


As an educator and mother I cannot recommend Sharon Holt’s Te Reo Singalong books enough! They are beautifully illustrated, catchy and the best way for children and teachers alike to have fun whilst learning and implementing te reo in centres around Aotearoa. We are thoroughly enjoying the latest releases and can’t wait to see what will be coming next!

– Samantha Freeth, Whitianga


I love reading the Te Reo Singalong books in the centre I work in. The first few books really hooked myself and the children when we listened to them on the stereo. I was able to learn some basic te reo words and sentences, which helped strengthen my teaching. I was also able to communicate more with Māori children and their whānau in their own language. I am currently saving up to buy the books for myself so I have my own set. I can’t wait to see what the next book is about.

– Anneka Barritt


Our centre LOVES your books so much. I even go home singing Me Haere! They are very catchy tunes.

– Catherine Fenwick, teacher


These books are much loved by the kids, and are a valuable part of our commitment to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi here at Playcentre.

– Stacey Burnell, Ellerslie Playcentre


As a pakeha teacher in a Rotorua kindergarten that has a high percentage of Māori tamariki, I find Sharon’s Te Reo Singalong books to be an effective teaching aid. The waiata have catchy tunes that our tamariki enjoy singing along too and the repetitive sentence structure supports my learning in developing my te reo. We use these books during group mat times or tamariki listen to them individually on the couch. The books are a great investment for any early childhood service or primary school.

– Nikki, kindergarten teacher


These books are extraordinary! The kids love the rhythm, the repetitiveness of the text and the way the books relate to their experiences. Just amazing!

– Trish Horrobin, special needs teacher


I actually love them all these books, as they capture different elements that tamariki and kaiako can relate to. The children in my centre get so much enjoyment from these books and love to sing along. We get so excited when we know a new one is on the way! It has also helped me move ahead on my te reo journey. Keep the books coming.

– Amina Ahmad, ece teacher


I’ve been learning the Māori language for years. I was very slow and it was hard to keep myself motivated. Te Reo Singalong is exactly what I needed. It’s easy and enjoyable. I appreciate the high-quality music as well as the books. Words, music and the music arrangement are all well-considered. It’s not only for kids but also for adult learners like me!

– Michiko Ohsaku, book translator, Tokyo, Japan


We absolutely love the Te Reo Singalong Books that Sharon has created and are extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic resource in our school. We have been working hard to develop our te reo programmes at our school. We have found that we can use Sharon’s books to support teaching and learning and provide an exciting way for students to engage in learning the language

– Jade Butler, Hinuera School


Māori resources that work and are actually used are something that teachers are always looking for, and I think that these are the best!

– Lindsay Ray, teacher and mum


Te Reo Singalong books have been an amazing support within our centre. They have helped to break the barrier of not feeling confident to korero Māori. Our tamariki love the songs and stories and often ask for them by name. These books have helped us to unpack many subjects, especially around Christmas, Matariki, animals and insects. The catchy tunes have helped us as kaiako and our tamariki to remember and share in te reo Māori. Thank you Sharon for all the amazing books. We always await the next one.

– Grace Williams, early childhood educator


I absolutely love and adore Sharon Holt’s beautiful Te Reo Singalong books, and so do the children. They have been the only books, that I have read, that truly capture every single child’s attention. The illustrations, singing and music are just amazing and they truly are a treasured resource in our centre and at home. Thank you Sharon!

– Nicola Donaldson, teacher

Look at what we won!

2013 Māori Language Award

2013 Māori Language Award

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2015 CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards – Best Resource in Te Reo Māori

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2015 CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards – Teachers’ Choice Award

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Te Reo Singalong Shows

See our books come to life with an energetic and educational Te Reo Singalong show! To find out more, click here…


Sharon’s te reo pronunciation workshops really work. People say they have done many te reo workshops over the years – and something finally clicked after doing Sharon’s workshop. Contact Sharon at for more information about workshops on pronunciation, sentence structure games and how to use Te Reo Singalong books as a te reo Māori teaching and learning programme.

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