Te Wairua o Waitangi
(The Spirit of Waitangi)

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We created this book because so many teachers wanted an easy and inspirational book to use with children during their annual Waitangi focus. This book does that and more! Many teachers have been amazed at how children have easily grasped the concept of honouring the treaty by respecting the Māori culture and protecting our unique natural environment. This is the first book in our series to use photographs, and we’ve had excellent feedback about using more photography in the future.

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  • Repetitive sentence structure: “Mā wai te …. “(Who will….)
  • Vocabulary for aspects of Māori culture and the natural environment
  • Singalong CD which turns the book into a catchy song
  • English translation
  • List of activity ideas to make this much more than a fun book to do on the mat!
  • Picture glossary
  • Guitar chords

What others say about Te Wairua o Waitangi:

The book really ’spoke’ to me. It is so meaningful for all New Zealanders and aimed so well at the level of our littlies.
Cindy Hawkins, early childhood educator

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